We are All Pilgrims

Easter Sunday – We are all Pilgrims

In the Spring of 2019, I embarked on a spiritual journey through Ireland for 15 days. I was one of 15 women, mostly strangers. My first time in Europe. I jumped off the mountain and trusted I would land solidly into myself through this spiritual quest. This reading began my journey, a journey familiar to me now as we walk as pilgrims through the present time.

FOR THOSE WHO HAVE FAR TO TRAVEL by Jan Richardson www.paintedprayerbook.com blog

If you could see

the journey whole

you might never

undertake it;

might never dare

the first step

that propels you

from the place

you have known

toward the place

you know not.

Call it

one of the mercies

of the road:

that we see it

only by stages

as it opens before us,

as it comes into

our keeping

step by

single step.

There is nothing

for it

but to go

and by our going

take the vows

the pilgrim takes: