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Your Daily Dose of Loving-Kindness


Excerpted from

“Your heart doesn’t just require exercise, but a daily dose of loving-kindness that you were born to provide it. In one way or another, we all yearn for the closeness, intimacy, and fulfillment of love’s eternal grace. The question is, how do you learn to embrace your own heart the way you wish to be loved by others? Whether everything seems to be flowing in your life or in a constant state of transition, becoming the most thoughtful and dedicated supporter you’ve ever encountered is what it means to be emotionally fit."

“Emotional Fitness begins with the breath. …. Simply by taking “breathing breaks” every few hours, you are offering yourself the space to restore and replenish your energy, instead of rushing toward the finish line of each momentary task. “

“Your reality changes when you love yourself. Perhaps loving yourself can be as simple as resting for a few moments with your hand on your heart, allowing your innocence to know that you are always here for you.”

“Focus on what you are doing right. The more you focus on what you’re doing right, instead of micromanaging yourself in attempt to overcome whatever you believe you are doing wrong, your body, mind, and spirit unite on a holistic level to bring forth your highest potential at the rate in which you become nicer to yourself.”

“Your good behavior won’t bring you what you want. Your self-worth will.”

As Dr. Susan Jeffers reminds us all, “Believe That You Count”

Participants’ Reflections:

• Cut self some slack. Embrace self in arms

• Visualize inner child

• Not being such an overachiever right now

• Don’t micromanage self - Focus on what I’m doing right

• Be part of solution not problem

• I’m walking daily, now exploring areas in neighborhood don’t know about - Metaphor getting to know insides and outsides

• Sleep with hands on my heart to hear my beauty

• Be own advocate, reparent myself

• Essence of role models can be a loving parent

• Have the audacity to believe I count!

• Be grateful we can be in this world as long as we are.

• Focus on positive aspect of things

• Bless the ones passing, the care workers. Counteracts the pain, gives an action

Can’t ignore bad things, but can filter and remedy

Shirley Riga, Trance Medium, Licensed Trainer Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway, Spiritual Coach

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