Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Today is about surrender. We are on a journey within ourselves where the path is only visible at our feet. There is speculation and opinions. There is updates and more speculation. The truth is what we know is where we are right now. We are learning to be friends with ourselves. We are learning to remember our self-care. We are learning to honor our needs for they are the barometer of our sorrows or joys. I found this poem that depicts our journey into surrender.

Feeling Frantic in a Peaceful World by Peter Morgan

"All around me is still.

But not I.

I vibrate,

I pulsate.

Out of control

The more I spiral

The worse I feel.

I am the storm.

The quiet streets

Only serve to amplify

The indignity

Of being

Frantic in a peaceful world.

I fear my panic might spread!

Cast me aside,

I am not what the world needs

Right now."


"A momentary connection

To my feet

Comes as an unexpected,