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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Today is about surrender. We are on a journey within ourselves where the path is only visible at our feet. There is speculation and opinions. There is updates and more speculation. The truth is what we know is where we are right now. We are learning to be friends with ourselves. We are learning to remember our self-care. We are learning to honor our needs for they are the barometer of our sorrows or joys. I found this poem that depicts our journey into surrender.

Feeling Frantic in a Peaceful World by Peter Morgan

"All around me is still.

But not I.

I vibrate,

I pulsate.

Out of control

The more I spiral

The worse I feel.

I am the storm.

The quiet streets

Only serve to amplify

The indignity

Of being

Frantic in a peaceful world.

I fear my panic might spread!

Cast me aside,

I am not what the world needs

Right now."


"A momentary connection

To my feet

Comes as an unexpected,

but welcome,


A hint to what lies beneath.

How can I best meet myself

In this tumultuous moment of being?

Maybe, I can

Embrace this place.

It is here.

Let me feel it.

If I allow my shoulders to drop

And let my breath breathe,

As best it is able.

Perhaps then there is space

For my energy to dissipate.

My heart palpitating,

I glance up,

As if my tired eyes

Have opened for the first time.

Through the window,

I see two pigeons,

Statue still,

Casually surveying the world.

Perhaps I too can sit

And take in what is around me

And my inner rhythm

Will synchronise

With the sights before my eyes.

A sigh.

A pause.

I see through pigeon eyes.

Like a snow-globe,

Once shook now still,

My inner flurry

Drifts down to my feet

And settles on the ground."

Participants’ Reflections:

  • Soaring hawk. Being protected under wings

  • Snow globe image, settling at feet

  • Lack of trust left me jittery. Glad for awareness of this Feel like on hamster wheel, not doing anything; like Joni Mitchell song going round and round

  • Can do grounding between activities, with fingers pressed together, helps stop wheel spinning

  • Anxiety shopping, hard to trust

  • Think about pausing before moving to next thing

  • Don't need to rush

  • Our nervous systems are recalibrating, unwinding the drive

  • Our bodies are affected by our thoughts

  • Grateful for these mornings to reflect

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