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Prayer of Co-Creation

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

In choosing this morning’s meditation reading, I was guided to choose a piece that brought forth self-empowerment, community both global and local, and also acknowledged the pain, heartache and fear during this time along with the incredible beauty and hidden gifts recognized during our incubation. The prayer was created by Lyn Cox from the UUA organization.

“Prayer of Co-Creation” by Lyn Cox

“Creative Spirit, source of life and love: We give thanks for the beauty of this day and for the company of those assembled here.”

“Thank you for the breezes of change, clearing our heads and bringing fresh ideas. May they cleanse our minds of the oppressions and isms that divide us.”

“Thank you for the flame of hope, the heat of righteous anger, the warmth of compassion, and the fire of commitment. May they bubble the cauldrons of transformation.”

“Thank you for oceans of love, rivers of connection, tears of relief, and pools of serenity. May healing waters flow over us and through us and among us, wearing down the sharp rocks of despair to bring joy in the morning.”

“Thank you for the good earth beneath us, around us, and within us. May we take this clay and co-create a new realm of justice and beauty.”

“Thank you for all these and more. We accept our gifts and commit to build, sculpting, painting, singing, and dancing them to life; to abundant life.”

“So be it. Blessed be. Amen.”

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Photo credit: Sunsue Fleming 2020

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