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We are courageous souls

In September 2014 my 32 y/o daughter lost her fight with life-long liver disease. She was a courageous soul and also my teacher. I learned a lot about myself while parenting her. I also learned this one world we live in is just that -- one world. There exists right along side this world, the world of spirit -- that coexists with us.

The spirit world has been a mystery many have tried to understand, and as we awaken in the incubation we are all forced to adhere to, the veil grows thin between the worlds. The world of spirit is nothing to be afraid of. All beings in the world of spirit both relatives, guides, angels and so much more, they are here to help us. They are close by. We only have to slow down and listen.

This world has been off kilter for a while. The idea of what is right and wrong has been skewed. Fear has played a huge role in all our lives, and the media does not help in entrusting the power of love and light. More often they have enhanced fear and gloom to create hysterics and distraction, forcing humans to escape into whatever they can use to be far away from their hearts.

We are moving into a heart centered consciousness. There is no stopping the wave of change. Living from the heart forces all humans to feel. This current health crisis is forcing us to feel. We are scared and our safety is threatened, and at the same time each one of us has a choice -- to continue with fear and upheaval or we can make the choice to remember our heart connections with our mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, sisters and brothers, children -- basically any love connection in your life that has blessed your heart.

Believe in your heart connections. Conjure up the images of your past and pull on your heart strings and feel. Don’t run. Surrender to what is real and everlasting and that is love. You know how to love. You just forgot for the time being.

Those of us working with the spirit world are here to remind you, we have faith in your journey. Look for the heart in yourself and nurture it. Act as your own advocate and gift yourself with respect and gratitude. We have no doubt you deserve respect and love. Trust your heart. Follow your heart. The time has come for your heart to speak its truth. #love #FTF #Feelthefear #spirit #heart #feelthefearanddoitanyway #FTFNewEngland

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