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The reading from today's online meditation

People are enjoying this simple shared morning meditation. We meditate for 15 minutes in our own quiet spaces. People are finding music on their own to play in their own background, since everyone is muted. This is the reading I shared this morning:

It's from "End the Struggle and Dance with Life" by Dr. Susan Jeffers.

"Centering gives us a sense of stability. If we leave our center and are continually reaching out to others to satisfy some lack within ourselves, we topple forward. If we constantly withdraw because of fear, we topple backward in a state of rigidity. If we are not rooted to the Universal energy within us, we will find ourselves tossing and tumbling all over the place, lacking any conviction, and latching on to anything that will appear to give us some stability. When we learn how to center, we are not affected as much by the ebb and flow of life, our fear diminishes greatly. When things are not going according to plan in our outer life, we are positioned well to weather the storm."

People also shared some great affirmations: "By the yard, life is hard; by the inch, it's a cinch!" "Live quietly in the moment; the future will take care of itself!" "Live in the moment and make it beautiful"

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