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There's a movement happening. I can feel it. So many light seekers and light workers are doing the hard work of examining their hearts and their minds. I've been reading Dr. Judith Orloff's words, specifically The Empath's Survival Guide along with Second Sight, both powerful accounts and resources for dealing with our sensitivities. I highly recommend them.

An excerpt from Second Sight:

"You remembered something important about yourself and got frightened. Fighting it only creates tension. When you shut down, your body tightens and reacts with symptoms. The secret is to let go. Trust your senses instead of trying to censor them."

When I am discouraged, I find inspiration. Inspiration raises my energy and always helps me feel better.

Blessed Are You Who Bear the Light

Jan Richardson, Circle of Grace

"Blessed are you who bear the light in unbearable times,

who testify to its endurance amid the unendurable, who bear witness to its persistence when everything seems in shadow and grief."

"Blessed are you in whom the light lives, in whom the brightness blazes -- your heart a chapel, an altar where in the deepest night can be seen the fire that shines forth in you in unaccountable faith, in stubborn hope, in love that illumines every broken thing it finds."

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