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Experience a Spirit Guide’s direct message guiding you to your inner place of peace.


In this two-part video, first Shirley speaks as a Spiritual Teacher and explains the value of connecting to your Soul. In the second part, she connects to her Spirit Guide who speaks directly to you, and walks you through a guided meditation and journey to your Soul.

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About Shirley

Shirley Riga is a Spiritual Trance Medium and Healer. She has a deep relationship with her Spirit Guides and Spirit Healers and communicates with them to hear the important messages your Soul is wanting to convey. Find answers to your unanswered questions; get understanding of your physical challenges; and be comforted in times of grief and loss. She can help you learn who your Spirit Guide(s) are. She speaks with loved ones on the other side, which helps you know they are well, easing your bereavement. 


Shirley's blog contains over 500 posts about living through challenging times, dealing with stress, and ways of coping. She and guest bloggers share tools for finding peace of mind and personal wellbeing.

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